5/6 Discount Program

Wee Forest FolkWee Forest Folk Discount Program

We offer the 5/6 Discount Program. We’ll keep track of your purchases, and your 6th piece is 50% off!

Free ground shipping with orders of $100 or more.

Great selection and quick customer service. We look forward to helping you!

Example of “Discount Program”

For every 5 Wee Forest Folk purchased the 6th one is at 50% off. However, the 6th piece can not be the highest priced piece purchased.

Example of Purchases:
1. M-80 44.00
2. M134 76.00
3. M180 44.00
4. M234 98.00 (highest price)
5. M-95 42.00
6. M235 98.00 The retail price of this piece must not exceed 98.00. You will pay only $49.00 for it.

Pieces do not have to be bought at one time.
Shipping charges do apply to 1/2 price piece, if it is the only item shipped.