WFF 5/6 Program

We offer the 5/6 Discount Program. We’ll keep track of your purchases, and your 6th piece is 50% off!

Free ground shipping with orders of $100 or more.

Great selection and quick customer service. We look forward to helping you!

Example of “Discount Program”

For every 5 Wee Forest Folk purchased the 6th one is at 50% off. However, the 6th piece can not be the highest priced piece purchased.

Example of Purchases:
1. M-80 44.00
2. M134 76.00
3. M180 44.00
4. M234 98.00 (highest price)
5. M-95 42.00
6. M235 98.00 The retail price of this piece must not exceed 98.00. You will pay only $49.00 for it.

Pieces do not have to be purchased at one time.
Shipping charges do apply to 1/2 price piece, unless it is being shipped with another piece(s) that is $100 or more. 

The discount will not be reflected on your order form as we calculate the discounts in-house and apply them before your credit card is charged.  We will send you an email with your new (lower!) total as well as your shipping information.  Your receipt with your new total will be included with your shipment. (unless it is a gift order)